Barbering and Barber Crossovers

Students enrolled in MBA distance learning programs will have a chance to interact with fellow students and instructors utilizing online chat rooms and message forms, students have an ability to ask questions and participate in some class discussions this interaction allows students to remain actively engaged in a class dialogue without having to physically attend class. MBA distance learning courses require local students to participate in 1 on campus  8 hour class weekly doing their study (for students located within california) students who are not local, located out side of California will not be allowed to attend more than 350 hours online.

MBA offers a variety of courses and workshops that will fit exactly where you are in your barbering journey. The courses consist of the standard California State Barbering 1500 hour Course for Prospective Barbers and the 200 hour Barber Crossover Course for Licensed Cosmetologists and many more.

The Barbering Course

For the New Barber

1500 hour Barbering Course

1500 hours of state board required barber curriculum including theory and practical training. Includes: Disinfection, sanitation & infection control; tools & equipment. Plus: skincare, natural hair care, dreadlock rejuvenation, long hair cutting & styling & more.

Duration Varies · $7k

The Crossover Course

For Licensed Stylists

The Barber Crossover Course

300 hours of state board required coursework. Includes Clipper and straight razor training State Board Exam Preparation.

Duration Varies · $2500 (plus kit)

The Refresher Courses

For the Experienced Barber

The Ice Breaker Course (no model needed)

The Icebreaker course is designed for the stylist who has a desire to create a new clientele base or just offer more services to existing clients. Q/A session with live demonstration.

Duration Varies · 1hr class @ $75 per hr., / 2hr class @ $60 per hr, 2 hr min./ 4hr class @ $45 per hr, 4 hr min

The Pearl Course (no model needed)

The Pearl Course is designed for the seasoned barber with a desire to learn how to cut more hair in a shorter period of time as well as layering services in a single sitting to increase the price point. Q/A session with live demonstrations.

Duration Varies · 2hr class @ $150 per hr., / 3hr class @ $125 per hr, 2 hr min./ 4hr class @ 100 per hr, 4 hr min

The Collector Course

The Collector course is designed to teach newly licensed barbers and stylists the proven shortcuts from a 30-year career behind the chair, In addition to deciding what tools and equipment work best for you and your style of cutting. Q/A session with live demonstration.

Duration Varies · 2hr class @ $150 per hr., / 3hr class @ $125 per hr, 2 hr min./ 4hr class @ 100 per hr, 4 hr min


The Workshops

For the Life Learner

Barber Bootcamp

The Barber Boot Camp 4 day workshop Designed to help Licensed Hairstylist or Barbers better understand the fundamentals of fades, hone your tapers, and Straight Razor Shaves. We, Will, discuss the Business of Barbering and the difference between promoting male and female Services, price points, and why, training your customers, we touch on branding yourself and or something special that only you do. MBA also focuses on infection control and safe work practice associated with Barber services.
Class time: 7 am to 2:00 pm
Model required – Shave Model at 1:00 pm first day, Hair cut Model at 11:00 am the second day.
We provide you with doll heads and or live models for the remaining two days.

4days – $800

The Art of Scissor Work

Learn the simplicity of shear cutting design including how to cut a male pixie cut, faux hawk, texture cuts for spikes, classic pompadour & man bun.

2 hr – $75

Shaves & Fades

This is a two-day workshop combining the straight razor shave and Fade Fundamentals workshops for a better-valued price. A shaving kit is included.
Class time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Model required – Shave Model at 1:30 pm first day, Fade Model at 11:00 am the second day.

2days – $500

How to Provide a Crispy Clean Line-Up

This training is focused on enhancing the licensed stylists’ skills in the finished work of outlining. Get answers to such concerns as: Where to start your line up. How far back is too far back? What’s the difference between a hard line and a soft line?.

1 hour · $35

Fade Fundamentals

This one day workshop focuses on the art of fading and tapers. Techniques using the clipper and detail trimmers creating a low, medium, and High bald fades. This workshop is designed for barbers or hairstylists who like to hone their clipper skills. Your own tools are required for this class, Master Barber School offers Barber tool bags which include high-quality clippers and trimmers for purchase.
Class time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Model required – Fade Model at 11:00 am.

1day – $250

Men Hair Replacement (non Surgical)

Two hours of live demonstration with Q/A. 

2 hours 30 minutes · $350

Straight Razor Shave

This one day workshop will cover the classic 14 specific stroke facial areas being shaved. The difference in razor positions and stroke, infection control, and safe shave practice. This workshop is designed for barbers or hairstylist with little or no experience in straight razor shaves. A shaving kit is included.
Class time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Model required – Shave Model at 1:30 pm.

1day – $350

Men’s Hair Replacement (non Surgical)

Hands-on interactive class includes kits with barber supplies.

4 hours 30 minutes · $660

Why MBA is For You

After any or all of the Master Barbering 101 courses, you will have the knowledge, the skill and most importantly the confidence to efficiently and effectively navigate yourself throughout any haircut and make it the perfect clipper cut, as well as increasing your monthly income and overall net worth. 

Do you want to make more money?

Do you think if you offered clipper cuts to your Clients you would be making more money?

If you could cut more heads and service more people in less time would you make more money? 

Would a better understanding of your clippers and why they do what they do, give you more comfortability, allowing you to give better service? 

Has it been more than 6 months to a year since you have invested in any form of continued education or yourself and your craft, that has the potential to make you more money?

If you have answered YES to any of the previous questions, then Master Barbering 101 is for you! MBA was created and designed to teach you how to take your career to new heights.   

What to Expect as a Student at MBA

Live and interactive learning have proven to have the best results. Master Barbering 101 gives you the ability to control the pace of your own learning. It allows you to ask real-time questions during live multi-model demonstrations while getting one on one instruction and doing actual hair cuts. Master Barbering 101 takes a lot of the guesswork and the complications out of clipper cutting. You will also learn how to troubleshoot possible self-taught techniques that unknowingly hinder your efficiency as well as your earning potential. When you combine the hands-on, interactive style with one on one learning the information becomes embedded and is yours for life. Our proven methods will forever change the value of your services and Increase your overall income. Master Barbering 101 will provide a unique platform of actual real-world cutting applications and techniques learned throughout all levels of the course. All classes are instructed by experienced clinic floor technicians, extremely knowledgeable in the behind the chair day to day growing pains of the job.  MBA will take you from being someone that cuts hair to an expert barber.


MBA Instructional Method

We offer the most advanced educational materials, equipment with a one on one kinda feel and we cultivate an engaging learning experience and prepare our students for a career in barbering. When you have the latest technology and resources at your fingertips, you’ll be more successful in school and in your career. That is why every Future Professional at  MBA receives an IPAD with their student kit, giving them on the go access to schoolwork, career advice from industry professionals, milady’s online and MindTap.

Skilled for Success

Master Barber School has created the most comprehensive training program to get you started with the career of your dreams. When you’re ready to learn techniques from highly skilled professionals, this is the place to go. We focus on having the best instructors in the field to help you learn the latest skills and the most precise barbering. Learn classic techniques and innovative trends to help you stand out from others in the field.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can learn the skills you need to become a barber. Our comprehensive program will give you the tools you need to succeed in this highly competitive field. You’ll go through intensive training to make sure you’re set up for success. With affordable tuition, small class sizes, and professional instructors, we believe you will be making money within months of completion.


MBA Will Get You Ready For A Promising Career 

For a Cosmetologist, this Course will make your barber game match your hair game and bring the two together.

For Barbers, this course can give you that extra edge, the skill to tip the scales just a  bit more in your favor. When it comes to your daily goals and per person averages, make speaking the language of money less stressful and become more comfortable introducing new price points, due to you now rendering a new faster, and more professional service.

Come enthusiastic and ready to learn and you’ll be met with like-minded peers, and a fun and interactive environment.

We’re Ready For You!

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